Company Profile

Fine Line Communications is a California Internet marketing and technology company that provides Internet presence solutions, including web site design and marketing, for business and education.

Fine Line Communications was established in 1993, first producing demo disks for DOS-based computers, then moving on to Windows demo programming producing small, fast, self-contained Windows demos with low memory requirements.

When the Web started to take off, Fine Line Communications was there. We have watched the Web quickly grow from its simple basic beginnings to the content-rich and complex multimedia pages of today. Fine Line has been developing web sites alongside that rapid change and our team keeps busy staying on top of each new development. We can offer programming expertise in HTML, Perl, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, ActiveX, Java, Javascript, Shockwave, Flash, VRML, and much more.

The creative team that makes up Fine Line Communications have exceptional experience in web site design and production, database connectivity, computer graphics and image creation, animation, communications design, and a wide variety of programming languages.