Design & Production

Fine Line Communications provides complete Web site development services, including advanced programming using ASP, JSP, Java, Javascript, ColdFusion, and e-commerce solutions. We also provide professional graphic design, image work, and digital photography for Web applications.

Maintenance & Updates

After a web site is up and running, it often needs to have minor updates and changes made on a periodic basis. Graphics and text do require occasional changes to keep a site fresh and up-to-date. Product information and photos may need changing, or new products may need to be added. External links can change, and existing information can become obsolete. For those clients without the time or HTML skills to take care of this for themselves, we offer full-service site maintenance. You just e-mail, call, or fax us your requested changes, and we’ll take care of the rest. Cost will vary depending on the monthly time requirements.

Rebuild & Renovation

As any company or organization changes and grows their Web site needs to change and grow as well. The job of renovating an existing site must be done with care. Steps need to be taken to assure there is no interruption in your site’s availability to your clients and customers, and that any existing links leading to your site are accommodated. Perhaps the site’s contents is being moved into a database-driven environment from and existing static site. Whatever the issues, whatever your specific needs are, Fine Line has the skills and technology to make it happen.

Graphics & Media

We use a wide variety of tools for graphics development, image creation, image animation, and photo editing. We can build just about any kind of specialized graphics desired to provide your site with just the look you are looking for!